Perle Oban

A luxury hotel with a perfect setting on the harbour

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In the heart of the Scottish countryside

As a home away from home, Perle Oban has been designed to cater to all of your needs at the same time as enhancing your experience of the town. Spend time soaking in the grand Victorian architecture incorporated with a modern twist, and behold the breath-taking views of the harbour that will become your home during your stay.

Situated in the heart of the awe-inspiring Scottish countryside, this stylish accommodation in Oban is perfect for those looking to escape everyday life. We understand how important it is to look after your wellbeing and what better way to recuperate than by escaping to a luxury break in Scotland.

About the Hotel

As travellers, we choose destinations which soothe the soul, Oban does just that


Explore the past of the 'gateway to the islands' for yourself


If you want to find out everything there is to know about Perle Oban, this is the place to be


Discover the beauty of the Perle Oban and surrounding areas

Luxury accommodation in the Scottish countryside

Relax in luxury as you prepare to take the road less travelled at Perle Oban.